p7GZA8H Vintage Texas Girls Made Fitness Look Amazing!

The above picture of Janis Rinehart from the Abiliene Texas Girls Track Club was snapped by Neal Barr and is from the April 20, 1964 issue of Sport Illustrated. The issue’s cover headline was “Texas Girls Aim For Tokyo,” and the article detailed the team’s hard work to get to the Olympics (I think – I’m not entirely sure because I couldn’t find anything except for pictures of the cover when I googled the image). I am going to be totally honest with you, sometimes I don’t read so great/make things up. The first several times I read this caption I inserted the words “flat” and “derby” to make the entire name “Abiliene Texas Girls Flat Track Derby Club” and so I was really thinking I would be talking about the history of Roller Derby. I have never been so wrong in all my life. This is a picture of members of a girl’s track club. You know, like relays and running and batons and fitness stuff. Even though this picture is not of a roller derby team, it is still incredibly awesome! The 60’s were a revolutionary time for women’s rights, and for a female athletic club to be featured on the cover of a premier sports magazine was a very big deal! Nice work, ladies! I do have a few quick questions on the aerodynamic nature of their gravity defying bouffants, though. I feel like their feet would cross the finish line a few seconds before their hair!!