Has your body suddenly developed a mind of its own, as you’ve transitioned into that “oh so hairy” menopause status? Are you telling yourself you’ve had enough? Are you at your wits end, battling the many symptoms and all those other fiendish aggravations that go along with this annoying, but natural process? Well, chin up ladies, because there is great news for you! You can support and nourish your body with foods that will actually lessen the menopausal symptoms you’re currently wrought with!

85 Support & Nourish Your Body: Foods Which Minimize Menopausal Symptoms

You Can Feel Cool & Confident This Spring and All Year Long

You might be thinking, “Oh goodness, does this mean I can’t enjoy bad foods? Am I going to have to go with totally healthy choices and never indulge?” Well, no!  You’ll still be able to have times where you can enjoy your favorite beverages and foods (even a cookie or cake) without that worry of menopausal weight gain too! Certainly you have to be seriously intrigued now. Are you interested in looking at some of the most suitable food sources that can make you feel rejuvenated and simply happy again? Let’s take a look!

The Perfect Food Choices to Combat Fatigue, Depression and Mood Swings

Wouldn’t it be great to not have to turn to some prescription in order to gain relief of your menopausal symptoms? Too few women are aware of the natural resources that can be advantageous to them today! There are actually some “key foods” that cannot only alleviate tough menopause symptoms, but these can also provide health benefits that are outrageously rewarding!

If you’re an individual who craves sweets and sugar, don’t fret! You can have sweet fruits that can be savoring and allow you to feel satiated. While cake and cookies are great, just imagine indulging in: sweet cherries, raisins, red grapes and pomegranate to calm that sweet tooth! Let’s not forget, pomegranate is known well for its magical health benefits! You won’t feel cheated and you can start gaining control over fatigue, moodiness and what feels like continually weight gain!

Furthermore, you should consider introducing blackberries and raspberries into your diet as well. These vine fruits can actually minimize hot flashes due to their low glycemic index and their vitamin C ratio! These are delicious atop fresh oatmeal too!

Lower Your Heart Disease Risk with Fresh Blueberries!

If you love blueberries then you’ll be exuberant to learn that these have so many natural “antioxidant” properties, which not only allow you to feel younger and revitalized, but also reduce heart disease! Blueberries simply increase antioxidants in your blood, thus delivering great benefits systemically!

The fact is, ladies, organic berries are wholly ripe with something that we are definitely lacking specifically once we enter menopause! This is an essential hormone that keeps us feeling our very best. That’s right; “Phytoestrogens” can actually help improve your female hormone levels naturally, without any prescriptions at all. Blackberries, raspberries and strawberries happen to be your best sources for improving:

  • Hormonal symptoms
  • Minimizing breast tumor risks
  • Improving bone health
  • And greatly reducing the occurrence of those hot-flashes

You can clearly take back your life and begin to feel great again by eating the right foods! It is just that simple. When it comes to eating meats, go with chicken instead of items like beef. Chicken and seafood can be enjoyed just as much as red beef! Don’t believe they can’t?

Reclaim Yourself and Feel Great Doing It!

Age is just a number ladies, and while menopause might be knocking at your door, you don’t have to put your tail between your legs and give in to it at all. You can be secure in aging well and staying healthy at the same time. You can have your cake and eat it too here!

If you throw in a little exercise during the week, with great food options that are perfect for minimizing menopause symptoms, you’ll see a dramatic transformation in your life! You have nothing to lose, so why not go for it?