thing Science Debunks Myth of Vaginal Orgasm... Again

Well, ladies, once again scientists have showed up to tell us a new thing about our bodies. Today’s topic: orgasms!! As most women know, women have three orgasms to choose from – the G-Spot orgasm, the vaginal orgasm, and the clitoral orgasm. Well NO MORE! Apparently, the newest research now indicates that the G-Spot, vaginal orgasms, and clitoral orgasms are all myths. Since the majority of women across this big, beautiful, sexy globe can’t have penetrative orgasms, then penetrative orgasms must not be a thing. Research published in the journal of Clinical Anatomy suggests that it would be more accurate for orgasms for women to be categorized under the phrase “female orgasm” (just like how men have the “male orgasm”) as there are a number of contributing factors to the female orgasm. We would do a disservice to the orgasm if we were to just assume one¬†factor is involved.

The review found what any woman could’ve told you: the key to sexual pleasure and having an orgasm is the CLITORIS! This precious little nub puts the ON in erogenous zone!! Some would refer to the clitoris as the “female penis” as the clitoris and penis are made from the same tissues but I, personally, prefer to refer to the penis as the “male clit” because I am not here for patriarchal nonsense. At any rate, the female erectile organs include the clitoris, the vestibular bulbs found on each side of the vaginal opening, the pars intermedia which is a thin band that joins the two vestibular bulbs, the labia minora, and the mass of spongy tissue surrounding the urethra AKA the corpus spongiosum (you’re welcome for that anatomy lesson, ladies!). Considering the many parts of a woman’s erectile area, self-proclaimed Sexologist Dr Vincenzo Puppo points out, “male ejaculation does not automatically mean the end of sex for women,” and adds that “touching and kissing can be continued almost indefinitely, and noncoital sexual acts after male ejaculation can be used to produce orgasm in women.” I mean, let’s be honest – women have a variety of erectile organs and erogenous areas that can be stimulated in an effort to achieve la petite mort!!

This study was published on the heels of a U.S. study that showed size does matter in reference to the clitoris and orgasm achievability. Researches obtained MRI scans of the pelvises of 30 women and, of those women, ten reported either never achieving orgasm or rarely achieving orgasm despite actively trying, while the rest had a “normal experience” during sex. That data, when paired with the MRI scans, showed that women who had smaller clitorises that were further from their vaginal entrance found achieving orgasm to be more difficult while the women with larger clitorises in closer proximity to the vaginal entrance had little to no issue. Researchers believe these findings will lead to improvements in treatments for women who suffer from anaorgasmia – the inability to have an orgasm.

Transgender exclusion aside, this is a really interesting piece on female sexuality. On the one hand, as a woman, I am frustrated with being told every few years that there is a right and a wrong way to have an orgasm, or in this case, that I should stop trying to achieve non-existent vaginal orgasm. On the other hand, I am thrilled that people are paying attention to the fact that women enjoy sex, too! We have a complex anatomy that allows for tremendous amounts of pleasure given in the right stimulation. I’ll leave you with this, anyone with a clitoris will tell you that it is the tip of the pleasure iceberg, so just pay attention to your partner, pay attention to her clitoris, get out there and have fun!

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