11 Relax:  Taking Your Flower Garden to the Limit!It’s warming up outside, which means you want to get your yard looking in tip-top shape. Flower gardening is a big part of beautifying your property. For the most part, it is a relaxing activity and definitely an enjoyable one. Watching your hard work payoff by giving your streaming color all summer long is rewarding in and of itself. Let’s examine some ways you can be assured of having color all summer long in your yard! Don’t forget to water now.

Enjoy the Most Favored Flowers and Colors all Summer Long

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Hawaiian hibiscus

In the hotter months you want to be particular with what flower choices you make. If you are looking for plants that are easy to care for (in other words hardy) but offer sprays of color you should go with ones which survive in extremely, hot temperatures and cold temperatures. Having a well-designed garden can really pay off by rewarding you with not only a full garden, but excess for vases in your home too! Zoning is critical to maintaining a natural harmonic balance within your flower garden!

Now, Perennial Hibiscus, which is native to the Eastern and Southern part of the United States offers great color on long, reaching branches. These do require an abundance of water in summer though, so keep that in mind. Just another plant to consider, which you might not be wholly familiar with are, wave petunias, which can be quite extravagant as a ground cover if you want small flowers that return year after year.

If you would like something that can trail up a wall or trellis, these certainly can do so! Some gardeners do a mixture of hybrid choices, but all can be enchanting. Just keep your own planting zone in mind when choosing your plants for your flower garden. Just these initial flowering tips along can help you get started in a new garden with ease, but there is one last thing to consider when you’re choosing and purchasing plants too!

Purchasing the Right Plants for your Flower Garden

hat2 Relax:  Taking Your Flower Garden to the Limit!So, what do you think you should look for when you’re debating on what flowering shrubs or foliage plants to buy Should it be the height, fullness, and color Yes, all of this and a little bit more! You should always check for any kind of fungus infection, bug infestation such as mites, or even dry rot just to name a few of the adverse issues you might run into. Choosing your plants is critical when it comes to managing a healthy flower garden. One diseased plant can create havoc amongst your already existing plant life. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and always, ALWAYS check out the plant before purchase!

Just one more thing to bear in mind is the fertilizer mixture for your soil. You don’t have to purchase the most expensive to reap the best results. However, you do want high-grade fertilizer to feed your plants well, but not too much because you can burn them. Whether you’re looking for easy maintenance,or a flower garden that takes considerable time and patience, know what is required before, not after. Good luck, and you should have a beautiful array of plants for years to come!