2014 02 11 how to peel an orange hero 680x384 Youve been peeling an orange ALL WRONG

When it comes to oranges, according to the food experts over at Tablespoon, we’ve actually all been doing it wrong. This amazing gif (seen below) shows a new and improved way to filet an orange into a roll-out strip of perfectly sliced segments just waiting to be plucked off and devoured. I’m not easily impressed, especially by fruit, but I must admit: this is pretty amazing. In fact, it’s so innovative that I may actually start eating oranges again now that I don’t have to do all that pesky peeling. Typically, I prefer my fruits in the form of juice, and not the kind I make myself in one of those highfalutin machines; I’m talkin’ store-bought, high-fructose-loaded, from-concentrate liquid that has a pretty suspicious ingredient list for something labeled “100% pure.” This orange trick looks pretty simple though, and probably healthier (although, I’m no food doctor). The technique is said to work best with mandarins, but you can get somewhat decent results with oranges of the Valencia persuasion as well. Basically, what you do is this: chop off both ends, make small cut in one side (about halfway through the center), and unravel.

Citrus fruits have come a long way from just being scurvy repellant for pirates sailing the high seas. Virtually anyone can get a dose these days; you don’t even have to be on a ship to sail the Hi-C‘s anymore! The problem with actual oranges is they always juice all over my hands when I become impatient and begin to aggressively peel them. Then I get sticky fingers and accidentally touch my eyes and curse really loudly, and now all the moms at the park shun me because I delivered a very descriptive verbal lashing to an orange. So there, now you know the real reason I’d banished stupid jerk oranges from my life. Thanks to this exciting new life-hack, however, I’m ready to rekindle my lost love for those little un-rhymable balls of vitamin C. I had my doubts, but it appears you really can teach an old fruit new tricks. Now, I shall pick up a knife and go forth into the future; ready to take on any seedless fresh fruit life throws my way!

2014 02 11 how to peel an orange animation 680x324 Youve been peeling an orange ALL WRONG

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