ada2 New study: you can boost key hormones without leaving your desk by doing simple movesDid you know one solution for feeling better, boosting your outlook and even improving your job performance could be as simple as adopting a powerful pose for a few minutes?

Recently the Wall Street Journal reported that researchers found practicing what they call high power poses such as standing erect, leaning slightly forward with your hands at your side, or leaning over a desk with your hands assertively planted on the desktop can actually boost your testosterone level and decrease levels of cortisol, the key hormone associated with body-damaging stress.What can boosting testosterone do for you? Studies show bringing women’s testosterone up to their youthful levels is linked to improved performance and greater confidence and assertiveness.

In addition, when testosterone is at optimal levels, women can experience enhanced brainpower. According to a 2013 study, women who had higher testosterone levels performed better at a variety of cognitive tasks involving memory, visual attention, and executive function, including analytical thinking and financial decision making. Moreover, in a 2009 study, women who had higher testosterone levels showed more willingness to take risks, and demonstrated greater skill at out-of-the-box problem solving skills.

Higher testosterone offers additional benefits, including improved energy, greater bone density and muscle mass, and (as your male friends will tell you) improved sex drive.

So next time you’re preparing to go into a meeting, setting out for a job interview, or any time you need to feel unstoppable, take a few minutes, stand tall and assertively, in what the study’s researchers call an expansive, open posture, and let your body bring you naturally to peak performance.

Don’t eat less eat smart

ff New study: you can boost key hormones without leaving your desk by doing simple moves

Managing your hormones isn’t just about estrogen. One of the most important hormones when it comes to your health and your weight is insulin. Although you may think of insulin only as it relates to diabetes, the fact is insulin works by signaling your body to make fat out of sugar that’s circulating in your blood, then it stores the fat and prevents it from being burned for energy. If you have a lot of sugar in your blood, insulin will work overtime at converting it to fat, which is bad for your health and your weight.

How to break the cycle? Pick what are called low glycemic foods. It sounds complicated, but all it really means is pick foods that turn into sugar more slowly, so your blood sugar doesn’t spike after meals, telling insulin to rush in. What are low glycemic foods? Proteins such as meat, fish and eggs that break down into sugar much more slowly, thereby avoiding spikes. But if you’re craving carbs, or simply want to avoid fat-laden protein foods, you can also choose vegetables, whole grain breads, oatmeal, popcorn, perhaps a vegetable stir-fry on brown rice. Avoid white rice and flour, sugar, too much fruit and fruit juices, pasta and packaged cereals. Making simple dietary changes that still give you many tasty snack and meal options is a pain-free way to manage your health and your weight!