aasda Can Mammograms Give You Super Powers?

You have to ask yourself, Does the upside of mammography really outweigh the risks??

We all know the story about the woman who got a mammogram and subsequently developed super human breast strength, but is it true? And if so, how common is it? Well, the truth is that I just made that up, so it?s not common at all, but that doesn’t mean someone shouldn’t make a comic book about a lady with radioactive boobs because I think we can all agree about how awesome that would be.

While mammograms do put patients in direct contact with low dosage radiation, the real super power lies in their ability to help diagnose small tumors within the breasts.? Events like these could otherwise take a life without early intervention.

You heard it here first, ladies. Evidence shows that mammography does reduce the risk of death.? However, the decision is indeed, a very personal one.? For women who are between the ages of 40 to 48, mammography could be a very real benefit.? Still, the question remains on the accuracy of mammograms.? Do they really give the desired results 99.9% of the time? And in a society so dedicated to keepin it 100,? is 99.9% enough?

Are Mammograms Considered to be Accurate for Women of all Ages?

The benefits of having a mammogram do vary by age–no doubt about it. In fact, age categories have been established to emphasize when it is best for a mature woman to question having a test such as this. For instance, the American Cancer Society, and the National Comprehensive Cancer Network both believe a yearly mammogram should be performed once a woman reaches 40.

If you are a woman who is at a higher risk of breast cancer due to genetics, or heredity, then it is highly likely that the risks associated with mammograms (though these are minor) are worth the possible benefits.? Now, this changes when you reach 49. Most agencies and professionals believe that every other year is efficient to keep up with proper breast health and reduce breast cancer risks. This also eliminates subjecting a patient to unnecessary doses of radiation as well. If you can learn techniques to understand your breasts better, this can increase breast health awareness too!

Paying attention to your breasts and spotting abnormalities really works.? The following are some abnormal characteristics of poor breast health, which you should always look out for, are as follows:

  • A thickening inside the breast tissue, or under the arms
  • Small knots or lumps
  • Puckering breast skin
  • Drainage from the nipples
  • Pain that is localized
  • Any change in the shape or the size of your breasts

These could be warning signs of breast health problems.? Staying on top of these can, again, minimize the risk of progression into a more serious condition.

Managing Your Personal Breast Health Every Month of the Year

National agencies recommend breast health awareness so that women can begin to understand when something feels wrong. Understanding your body is often the first step to minimizing serious health risks with the main being breast cancer.

True fact: knowing what is normal–and what isn’t–is very beneficial! If you spot anything abnormal about your breast, you can save valuable time versus someone who has no idea what is going on with his or her body. Implementing healthy lifestyle changes and taking in the proper nutrients can also make a difference.

Early Intervention and Healthy Treatment & Lifestyle Change

wine2 Can Mammograms Give You Super Powers?

Early preventive measures can simply save lives, without radiation exposure! When there is an undefined mass, yes mammography should be performed, but just for small nodules that might be cysts?other medical tests might prove more appropriate in the course of a patient’s wellness. Remember, some profound healthy choices you can make to limit the risk of breast tumors or cancer are:

  • Limiting your intake of hormonal replacement medications, shots, or creams
  • Drink red wine, but limit liquor and other alcoholic beverages
  • Add exercise into your life for multiple health benefits and immune support
  • Breastfeeding supports breast health and minimizes breast diseases

When you?re comfortable confiding in your health care provider about your breast health, you?ll find this minimizes your risks as well. I hope you find these honest ideas to be helpful when it comes to properly managing your health for the long term!

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