lemur Lemurs: The New Exotic Pet For Rich People
This is Koko, a male ring-tailed lemur that lives with a human family in what appears to be a very large and lovely house. He is undeniably adorable and hilarious, which is apparently all it takes to qualify as a pet for some people. For those of us in the lower tax brackets, however, the most interaction we will ever have with a lemur is at a zoo. Probably for the best, though, seeing as we don’t have the adequate square footage in our homes for all the parkour moves these little primates like to use when frantically moving about. Fret not, my fellow non-exotic-animal-having friends, for this lucky lemur’s owner has shared videos for us all to see just how cool having a lemur in your house could be. Watch as Koko enjoys a crunchy seaweed snack shortly before he uses a woman’s shoulder as a launch pad from which he scales the beautiful kitchen cabinetry and springs atop a large stainless steel refrigerator with french doors and a built-in ice/water dispenser that probably also mixes cocktails and has a backup generator powered by some less-exciting wild animal, like a wallaby. In all honesty, my first reaction to these videos was, “OH MY GOSH, I NEED A LEMUR!” Koko is entertaining, inquisitive, and even makes noises that are way less obnoxious than dog barking, but also creepy enough to ward off intruders. Then I saw it; the diaper. My 3 year old human child has yet to fully conquer the potty training dragon, so maybe I’m just biased, but there’s no amount of furry animal cuteness that makes me want to change lemur diapers. Could you imagine the fecal artwork that would decorate your halls when a diaper comes loose during moves like this?