katie melua British Singer Evicts Ear Spider
Today’s nightmare fuel comes from the UK. British singer Katie Melua had a spider removed from her ear by a doctor. A spider. An actual living breathing crawling arachnid. In her ear. It was living in her ear and she had to have it evicted by a medical professional. I literally can’t, but I have to because y’all need to know about this. According to the report, Katie’s ear had been bothering her for “about a week” when she finally went to the doctor. She explained that she had been experiencing a rustling sound in her ear, and her physician apparently knew right away that Katie’s ear needed to be cleaned with a “micro-vacuum,” which I assume is like a medical grade dustbuster. When viewing the critter on camera, Katie described it as “TERRIFYING,” just like that! IN ALL CAPS! Once viewed in the test-tube, however, she said the spider was actually “pretty small.” And alive. Did I tell you that the spider was alive when they got it out? BECAUSE IT WAS ALIVE!

Katie noticed the rustling in her ear after returning home from a flight. She believes that the spider crawled into her ear after taking up residence in the in-ear monitors she had been using to block out noise on the flight. A spokeswoman for Melua told the Daily Mail “the ear specialist said he’d never in his career taken out a live bug before. Plenty of dead ones. When it was out it was pretty tiny. Katie kept it in the test tube and released it in her garden when she got home. Apart from shuffling and random noises in her ear, the spider was no bother for the entire week it lived there. She was relieved it was what it was as she was worried she was losing her hearing.”

Do you use in-ear monitors ever? What about ear buds? To be safe, I think we should probably just burn them all to avoid going through any such situation. If you just bought a pair, hermetically seal them after each use. It’s the only way to prevent this from happening. If you’re interested, Cavalier Katie (that’s a nickname I just gave her because she clearly does not have a care in the world even though a spider was totally squatting in her ear) snapped a couple of pictures and shared them on Instagram – one of the in-ear monitors she wore, and another of the tiny spider chilling in a tube. I just really thought Halloween was over and that I would get a break from this type of total gut-wrenching HORROR.