1234 Incredible Tips for Barbecuing Smart This SummerThere is nothing more mouth-watering than the smell of food simmering on an open grill! During the summer, many families choose to have grilled dinners, not just because they are easy, but also because they are healthy and full of wholesomeness. Certainly, this depends upon what you’re grilling out too! This literature wants to share some new ideas with grilling fans.

Further, for women who want to watch their waistline, there are some pleasant surprises to be had!

You can stay slim through the BBQ season, without having to go without. In this respect there is no need to stress and fret, especially if you love summer food! You’ll find great alternatives from regular potato chips and BBQ that will be crowd-pleasing. The best news, they don’t lack flavor!

Tasty Grilled Meals Allow You to Indulge in Flavors While Remaining Healthy

bbq c Incredible Tips for Barbecuing Smart This Summer

Protein rich foods are prime examples of healthy summer eating, especially with regard to meat and poultry choices. You can easily have lean beef tenderloin grilled to perfection, with much less fat and cholesterol in comparison to a rib eye. However, you want to have portion control too. For those who haven’t yielded to portion control this could be the very reason for weight struggles.


Portioning your food is necessary, no matter how healthy it is! Grilled, baked, fried it doesn’t matter if you?re not watching your portions. This has always been an area of confusion for some because every individual’s dietary needs are different. However, learning about what portion is right for you is necessary if you’re going to enjoy these delicious dishes and crazy cookouts all summer long. There are specific food choices you can partake of that will barely ever put even an inch around your middle!

Grilled Summer Veggies Paired With Lean Protein Sources

Grilled vegetables are always a slam at any traditional get-together too. After all, what is a real cookout without seared snow peas, or char-grilled corn-on-the-cobb? A little olive oil in place of the butter makes these vegetables even tastier too! So, when you’re thinking mouth-watering, you don’t have to think it has to always hold bad ingredients! These veggies can give you fiber and loads of antioxidants without guilt too, so this is a major plus! Paired up with the right protein sources, you can feel great about what your putting into your body.

For example, the following dishes are always hits:

  • Atlantic Salmon paired with broccoli spears and roasted potatoes
  • Lean beef tenderloin paired with braised Brussels sprouts and carrots
  • Teriyaki Chicken paired with roasted onions and peppers

These meals, listed above, are low in calories but very high in protein, vitamins, minerals, and other necessary nutrients that keep a body running at healthy performance levels. Clearly, if you’ve promised yourself you’re ready to turn over a new slate then these choices will help you steer away from the abundance of junk food you might be accustomed to. You can go for an avocado dip over a ranch dip any time to save your health, without passing up the delectable flavor!

Add Exciting Flavor Without Extra Sodium in the Food

If you want to add extra punch to your grilled entrees, then you’ll be surprised to learn garlic is a great accent. Sure, you can have your grilled onions and peppers, but did you know you could actually grill an entire bulb of garlic? It’s easy simply take a bulb of garlic and wrap in foil. Allow this to heat on the grill during prep time. When you’re ready to place your meat on the grill, you can unroll your garlic bulb and find it tenderized and ready to spread across your meats! Go lightly though because it does pack a punch, one full of antioxidant power! Now, add a side dish such as vinaigrette tossed cucumber and tomato salad and you’ll be the favored chef of summer!

Enjoy Summer and Keep Your Healthy Image

Hopefully this literature has awakened your mind to new ideas on grilling and what choices are best. It should be obvious that taste isn’t lacking, as some might have thought it would. Healthy foods can be creative and delicious, much more so than bad food choices! If you want to live a happy and healthy life, then living right and eating right are necessary. Just trying new grilling methods can change your opinion for the long-term. So, pass on those burgers for now and try your hand at grilling one lean, mean, tuna steak!

ffff Incredible Tips for Barbecuing Smart This Summer