stockvault squash and pumpkins137983 1024x682 Halloween Costume King is Back for a Fourth Time!!

As we head face first into the rare gift that is a Friday Halloween, I thought it might be nice to talk about a kind of feel good story. With the onslaught of racist, bigoted, and misogynistic costumes we have come to associate with the booze soaked adult level Halloween, it is nice to see someone taking a stand and creating some clever costumes. In a moment, you are going to know why my previous sentence is a hilarious pun.

Josh Sundquist – Paralympic ski racer, author and motivational speaker, and Halloween Costume master – lost his left leg to bone cancer when he was 9 years old. His aforementioned credentials are proof that he refused to let that stop him from doing whatever he wanted, including destroying everyone’s Halloween costume game. In previous years, Josh has dressed as a gingerbread man with his leg bitten off, a flamingo, and the iconic leg lamp from A Christmas Story. This year, Josh went for the classic foosball look. Check it out!!

Awesome, right? What a clever use of cardboard and bubble wrap! I love this costume for a million reasons, but the most imporant reason is that it’s not offensive. Who can be offended by a guy dressed up like a foosball player? I mean, probably someone, but that person is just looking for something to complain about. The kind of person who complains about a man dressed as a foosball piece is the kind of person who gets mad when their coffee is too hot or when the cooler aisles at the grocery stores light up as you walk by aka nothing.

There are two days left before Halloween, and Josh has definitely thrown the gauntlet this year. I’m not telling you to remove a limb to compete with Josh for best costume of Halloween 2014, but try to avoid the Ebola Nurse, Anna-Rexia, and anything involving black face or Ray Rice. Halloween will be much more fun for you and those around you if you do!

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