picjumbo.com HNCK1708 1024x682 Half of Married Women Have a Back Up Husband in Mind: Survey

Today’s great big eyeroll goes out to survey orchestrated by Daily Mail that has resulted in the brand-new (because men haven’t been guilty of it since forever), lady-shaming, obnoxious theory of “the back-up husband.” Yeah.

According to the survey of 1000 women in married relationships, it would appear that half of women, paragons of planning they are, have a backup husband in mind should the current one require replacing. It’s almost as if women are told their entire lives that in order to live a good life they must be latched onto a man. That if they desire safety and security in life, they should be married no matter what. If one man doesn’t provide, women are encouraged, nay REQUIRED, to find one who will.

It breaks down like this: 50% of the polled women have a backup man in mind. This man, primarily, will be an ex or old friend frothing with unrequited love for the woman in question. He will be someone she has known “for around seven years who will be ‘ready and waiting’ because of ‘unfinished business.’” Here are some more numbers: 1 in 10 of the women with back-up men in mind reported that the man in question had previously confessed “undying love” to her, and another 1 in 5 women were convinced these bros would “drop everything for her if she asked him too.” My guess is that wouldn’t really be a problem because these dudes are probably all at a party crying about the friend-zone.

Another statistic noted is that 1 in 4 of the ladies with a back-up husband on the side-lines admitted to having feelings for him as strong as those she has for her current husband. It’s like, when you love someone, share intimate life moments, successes and failures, you create a bond that doesn’t always dissolve when you meet and fall in love with someone new. It’s like, women are complex beings capable of wide range of emotions. Wild, right?

I don’t necessarily see anything wrong with having a back up in mind. The knowledge that someone out there loves you can provide a person with the security necessary to leave a loveless marriage, or, worse, a dangerous situation. This insinuation that women with back-up husbands in mind are all cuckolding Jezebels is biased, risky, and misleading. Relationships end for a number of reasons, including infidelity – not just because women misbehave. I mean, Henry VIII had so many back up wives he had to kill a few of the current ones to get to them, so I’m not worried about 500 married women who have a fall back.

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