mm For Women Who Want to Live Well This Cinco De Mayo

Cinco de Mayo is a day of celebration, and women of any age can go all out and enjoy the festivities with family and friends while ensuring they keep with a healthy diet and mind-set. Most important of all is to not allow yourself to get caught up in the stress of perfection. You don’t have to get everything right all the time, and remember too stress is not good for your body at all!

If you want to really enjoy this year’s Cinco de Mayo celebration, then push everything else to the side and focus only on those things that perk you up and keep you feeling great! Splurge on those crazy and chaotic fun colors and dress in a way that draws attention to you. You want to feel great so wearing flashy and rejuvenating airy clothing can allow you to escape from a dreary day!

Escape Reality and Get Foot Loose and Fancy Free

You might feel exuberant during every single second of the day’s festivities. This alone is what it’s about, revitalizing that fun loving personality inside all of us! Also, you can enjoy a variety of food and drink choices, which will certainly satiate your cravings while never stretching your waistline!

You can also get in some groovy body moves, as dance is part of the celebratory event to be sure. Older women get out and boogie down, more so than some of the younger females, it’s a fact! The best tip here is to alleviate all your stress and anxiety through movement. The more entertaining you can be, the more excitement you’ll find around you. Cinco De Mayo is certainly not mundane or plain at all. It is one of the most colorful events during the year.

Forget About Age And Just Enjoy Yourself This Cinco De Mayo

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Ladies, just remember what you’ve been told, or what you’ve heard before, “You’re only as old as you think you are,” so let’s just consider what new excitements await. Believe me when I say, from the food, to the entertainment, and to your own personal relaxation, it’s all up to you! Now, when we talk about food, think “delectable”. The spread of food dishes (depending on how many guests attend) are amazing!

If you want to be conservative with how much you eat, just choose healthier options. There are multiple fresh salsas with baked tortillas galore, so you can at least splurge on some items. Remember, just because the fried chalupas are fried, doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in one (maybe even two). You can just eat healthier after the celebration, if that is what you choose to do!

The bottom line is you shouldn’t let a diet or a lifestyle take away your enjoyment on one day of the year. Below are some healthier choices if you are so inclined to take them on:

  • Crunchy Mexican salad style nachos – this one is more “Fresca” and is certainly more of a great veggie alternative for individuals who are refraining from beef.
  • Grilled shredded beef soft tacos; sizzling warm and served with fresh guacamole, which has been proven to boost antioxidants in the body!
  • Sopapillas; while these aren’t sugar or fat free, they are still great tasting and could be a spontaneous treat when you have a sweet tooth!

These are just some of the great foods you can expect to enjoy during the holiday. You might even find that some of the fresh fruits and vegetables actually seem to provide some reprieve from worrisome perimenopause symptoms too, though these should be the last things on a woman’s mind during such a festive occasion.

Every woman should enjoy herself on such an explicitly exciting and adventurous day, so let the fun take you over and be thankful for what you have. Happy Cinco de Mayo!