burger Fighting Fat By Murdering It From Your DietWhen it comes to eating the most nutritious food, it’s sometimes hard to know what is good or bad for us–especially when it isn’t obvious.

Sugar, for example, is one of those sneaky things that creeps into our diet under the guise of “fat free” labels. Sugar happens to be 50% fructose, which actually turns to pure fat within the body.

If you take too much of this in, the body stores it, but not in a nice way where you can be like “Hey body, can I borrow a cup of sugar?” because your body will have already turned it into fat, and nobody wants to borrow a cup of cellulite for their muffin recipe. Sugar substitutes, such as “Truvia”, are great ways to add sweetness to your diet without excess weight gain.

For women determined to attain physical perfection and good health, the momentary bliss of sweets is just not worth the risks. Sugar often gets stored right where we need it the least: the abdomen, buttocks, and the upper thighs! Some people argue that those areas are actually exactly where they want to store sugar, but those people suffer from a difference in opinion about attractiveness. If you can annihilate sugar from your life, you will be one step closer to shedding fat from your body.

You Can Get Healthier by Shedding the Fat and Feel Fabulous Doing It!

Sugar is just one of many food ingredients we would be far healthier without.

Sweeteners, as well as seasonings such as salt, are simply hard to break away from because we worry our food won’t hold as much flavoring, but this just isn’t true. Natural, healthy foods can actually make your dishes taste even better. For example, instead of brown sugar in your oats, try natural raisins. These give you extra fiber too, and leave you feeling full longer. And, for a salt substitute, try using garlic, parsley, oregano, and other natural garden herbs. Your heart, and your waist, will certainly be grateful!

123 Fighting Fat By Murdering It From Your Diet

Another item that you could easily eliminate is milk.

That’s right ladies; milk doesn’t do the body as good as we might think it does, not at all! In fact, milk can actually create a depletion of calcium that can harm the bones. For some, Soy based milk is a far healthier substitute than consuming normal whole milk. Further, because whole milk has a ton of sugar, this again leads to the problem of the body storing excess fat instead of burning it.

Perhaps that’s is why Soy has grown in popularity the last few years.

Now, would you believe, another nutritional food source that many women have possibly considered very nourishing, and healthy (but really are not) are bagels. Could you have ever imagined something such as a multi-grain bagel could be less than good for you? Well, surprise, surprise!

Are Bagels Healthy?

What many women don’t know about bagels, regardless of whether they are multi-grain or not, is the fact that they have an extremely high glycemic index. For women who are currently in their 40’s, or older, foods with higher glycemic levels really should be avoided. They create excess insulin within the body, which again can become stored.

That’s exactly right. Bagels, in other words, really aren’t good for us at all. We’ve been fooled too long by that distracting hole in the middle of them. It’s time we realize that they may as well just be doughnuts! Bagels also can increase the aging process, making us appear older than our years. So, what is the best substitute? Who would have thought, an English muffin with peanut butter could beat out a healthy bagel.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Just learning, and adopting some of these various foods in your diet can make a dramatic change to your waistline and health!

Mature women can avoid those traps in later years that create wider hips and larger waistlines. It’s the best news we could hope for! You should always keep it in your mind that everything you do, from where you live to where you work can have an impact on your weight and self-image. Taking charge of your health, and your life can ensure the next diet will work!

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