1795846141 Can you diet just two days a week and lose MORE?

What’s happening with scientists lately? Every day we hear new research that shows by making things easier on ourselves we can finally achieve elusive goals, from ending tough-to-break habits, to finally seeing results when we diet.The latest good news comes from two British researchers, Dr. Michelle Harvie and Professor Tony Howell, who discovered by restricting calories just two days a week, women can experience significant weight loss success.

This doesn’t mean you can go crazy on the remaining days; the plan also entails consuming a maximum of 2,000 calories on non-diet days. But, as most diet veterans can attest, 2,000 calories is a party compared to typical weight loss plans.

The scientists who discovered what they’ve dubbed the “2-Day Diet” aren’t diet industry hired guns, but cancer researchers who stumbled onto their discovery while searching for ways to help women reduce their chances of developing breast cancer, which has been linked to being overweight.

It also seem that knowing you only have to seriously restrict calories for two days a week makes the plan much easier to stick to. According to the researchers, “2-Day dieters” [tested] lost twice as much fat as daily dieters. This was due in part to more dieters sticking to The 2-Day Diet than the calorie-controlled diets. Compared individually with successful calorie-controlled dieters, 2-Day dieters lost around 60% more fat.

For more information on the 2-Day Diet you can check it out here. Another nice bonus? All proceeds from the sale of their book go to Britain’s leading breast cancer charity, Genesis Breast Cancer Prevention.